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Would you like to know what the authentic Tarot cards have in store for you? With the assistance and guidance of the Major Arcana you can get insight and hopefully clarity concerning which direction you are heading now and also most importantly what decisions you have to make in order to navigate your life in the desired direction.
If you as an example choose the "Three Card Spread: Past, Present Future" then think of a question, situation or problem in your life which you would appreciate to get an answer to. Then in order for you to see what each Tarot card reveals and mean, click on that specific Tarot Card.

Another often preferred Tarot reading is our "Social Navigator" where you are dealt 12 cards.
By clicking each of your personal Tarot cards, you will receive guidance as to Who you can trust, Who might do me harm, Who can I go to for advice etc.

Our free Tarot and Tarot Reading Cards, which includes future predictions, relationships and tarot divination are made up as follows: Five Card Spread, Pentacle Spread, One Card, Two Cards, Ellipse Spread, The Celtic Cross, The Mirror, Mandala, Spread, Relationships, Zodiac, Three Card Spread:Past Present Future, Three Card Spread: Around the Corner, Four Card Spread: Priorities, Faith, Chaos, World Peace, Social Navigator, The Story of my Soul, Asteres Planetai (The Planets), The Tree of Life, 5-Card Horseshoe, Project and Ideas, Relationship, The Spiral, Newton Spread, The Four Knights Defense, The Raven's Bridge and The Raven's Tree
When you have selected which Tarot session you need, then kindly have patience while waiting for the cards which will be given to you.
When the cards are shown, simply click on each Tarot card. Each Tarot card will be enlarged if you point your mouse and click the card once more.